#4 rod + grayling

Grayling, catched in the river Kainach near Voitsberg, Austria.


Part of the famous Traun River short before the Koppenschlucht.


Small and short stream between Toplitzsee and Grundlsee.


Koppentraun close to Bad Aussee.


Main spring of the Gacka.

Sana in December

6 Danube salmons were caught that day by 10 fishermen.

Sana in December

Early in the morning air moisture condenses above the river.


Impressive river enclosed by the Alps.


Drinking water quality for trouts and grayling.


Let the stories told by Charles Ritz come alive.

Una between Bihac and Bosanska Krupa

The photo shows the thight Canyon before Bosanska Krupa


One of the springs of the Gacka River.

Unac near Martin Brod.

River Unac close before the confluence with river Una near Martin Brod.

Una between Martin Brod and Kulen Vakuf

A valley, a street and a railway. And a beautiful river.

Una near Martin Brod

The picture was taken from the destroyed bridge over the Una in direction downstream. The 10 km from Martin Brod to Kulen Vakuf are worth seeing and fishing.

Krka in Slovenia

Best time for fishing is April to June and September to October. In summer time thread algae make fly fishing difficult.

Upper Savinja near Luce

The Savinja is one of the famous Slovenian rivers for fly fishing.

The Soca. World-famous turquoise

Aquamarine river rapids and dense emerald forests dominate the Soca Valley.

Sava, beginning of March.

The Sava is the longest Slovenian river and well known for its Danube salmon population.

Sava near Radovlica at sunrise

The picture was taken standing on the first bridge after the confluence of Sava Bohinjka and Sava Dolinka.

Sava Bohinjka in the middle course

Perfect place for fishing with nymph or streamer.

Sava Bohinjka at sunset close to the confluence with Sava Dolinka

3 different fishing districts can be chosen between lake Bohinj and the confluence with the Sava Dolinka. Starting from the confluence the river is named Sava.

Sava Trzic

One of my favourite fishing districts within 2 hours from Graz by car.

River Radovna, Slovenia, in March

In the small valley winter can remain longer than elsewhere. Crystal-clear water and nice fish.

Grayling #4

My first 50 cm grayling caught in the Sava River short after the confluence of Sava Bohinjka and Sava Dolinka.

Grayling #3

Gorgeous grayling around 40 cm length caught and released in the Savinja River.

Grayling #2

Grayling close to 50 cm caught and released in the Traun River.

Grayling #1

Nice grayling caught in the Sulm River near Leibnitz, Austria.

Ribnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Ribnik is full of underwater plants which are home of countless nymphs. Therefore fish have a lot of choice and can sometimes be difficult to catch.

Sava near Trzic

Beautiful and abandoned section of the Sava River near Kranj, Slovenia.

Sava Bohinjka in the middle course

The picture was taken in the middle district (ZZRS) of the Sava Bohinjka.

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