Una near Bosanska Krupa

No fishing

Fishing in the hatchery near the Ribnik is prohibited ;-).

Una in May

Una River in Bihac in viewing directing to Pokoj.

Center of Bosanska Krupa

Mine or Danube salmons?

Taking some risk for fishing the best spots. A lokal guide is recommended.

Only fly fishing allowed

Unac river near Martin Brod


Mines are not the biggest worry of Bosnia, but nevertheless arround 20 people annually die because of the relicts of the Bosnien War 1992 to 1995

Ribnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Ribnik is full of underwater plants which are home of countless nymphs. Therefore fish have a lot of choice and can sometimes be difficult to catch.

Sava near Radovlica at sunrise

The picture was taken standing on the first bridge after the confluence of Sava Bohinjka and Sava Dolinka.

Una between Martin Brod and Kulen Vakuf

A valley, a street and a railway. And a beautiful river.

Unac near Martin Brod.

River Unac close before the confluence with river Una near Martin Brod.

Sana in December

Early in the morning air moisture condenses above the river.

Sana in December

6 Danube salmons were caught that day by 10 fishermen.

Una near Martin Brod

The picture was taken from the destroyed bridge over the Una in direction downstream. The 10 km from Martin Brod to Kulen Vakuf are worth seeing and fishing.

Una between Bihac and Bosanska Krupa

The photo shows the thight Canyon before Bosanska Krupa


Stranded boat

Winter time also can mean low water level at the Una River.

One of the sources of the Sanica river

The Sanica river owns 3 sources, the main source is shown in the photo

Una in the center of Bihac